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About us

Hope4Strays is an animal welfare organization focused on helping strays all over the world. We are a group of dedicated volunteers located in both the Netherlands and in Alanya, where our primary care facility is housed. Hope4Strays focuses on one singular goal: making life better for stray animals all over the globe. We do this by providing necessary medical care, a (temporary) home and shelter, education and outreach, and following the TNRC (trap, neuter, return, care) model, or finding them a new loving forever home. We work project-based where we work together with local medical professionals and care specialists, to provide the best care possible.

Hope4Strays believes that all animals are worthy of love, care, and protection. Whether they have a loving home or are roaming the streets alone. We strive to take as many animals as we can into our care and provide them with medical assistance and eventually find them a loving forever home. Hope4Strays wishes to see a world where no animal has to go hungry or without shelter. Through the education of people, the rehabilitation of animals, and our TNRC model, we will provide a better world for animals everywhere.

To improve the life of stray animals one animal at a time.

Core values
the Hope4Strays organization consists of caring and passionate volunteers and professionals who work in line with our core values: compassion, generosity, realism, and community.

Hope 4 Strays Foundation (Stichting Hope 4 Strays)
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