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Cats up for adoption or remote adoption

Hope4Strays knows two types of adoption: adoption, and remote adoption. On this page we share what the options are, and which cats are available right now.

Remote adoption
Through remote adoption you will sponsor a cat or dog through which you will provide in the daily care of the animal. Dry food, wet food, kitty litter, and parts of the medical bills will be covered through a monthly adoption fee. This remote adoption will help us care for the animal, until we can find a proper forever home, at which point you will immediately receive notice. If wanted, you could at this point choose another animal to adopt.

All of our animals are former strays. They will all receive the legal documents needed and be made travel ready.
Stichting Hope4Strays will guide you through the entire adoption procedure, with aid from the local organizations. Below is the procedure to bring an animal from Türkiye into the EU:
* 2 x mixed vaccination
* Rabies vaccination
* Chip
* Passport
* Rabies Titer test
* 3 months quarantine
* 2 – 5 days before leaving a full checkup from the vet for internal and external parasites.
* 2 – 5 days before leaving the adopter has to go to the TARIM office (Ministry of Agriculture) to get the official travel documents. Without these documents the animal is not allowed to leave Türkiye.

Should you be interested in adopting one of our animals and do you wish to know the most up to date costs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.