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This is our little clinic where we can provide first aid and small treatments and / or after care when needed after operation.

We have made 6 small cages with a separate toilet area and food area. When needed we can close the curtain to reduce stress or getting to much impression.

On the second area we made 8 pension rooms with all their own toilet. In these rooms there is a max of 3 cats from 1 household. If needed we can divide 7 rooms in to 2 smaller sections but still big enough for 1 cat.

We also have a third area which we will use a playroom or big family room when there are multiple cats from 1 household.

We not only can hold “healthy” cats in pension, but also cats with a condition or disease.
We have the opportunity to hold them separate from the other cats and and can take action where it’s needed.

We also have the possibility to keep cats for a longer period while waiting for their titer results.