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Found on the street, begging for help. She can not use her front legs due to old fractures and severe genetic deformation. Because of this, she has no choice but to walk only on her hind legs.  Fortunately, she was found by concerned attentive people feeding on the street who asked us for help. Once caught by the greengrocer we went to the vet, they made x-rays of her front legs on this it became clear that she has old fractures fractures and that one leg show a serious genetic abnormality. For the vet it was important that she get her vaccinations first.

In the meantime she already have her necessary vaccinations. Now we will start with the process to correct her left front leg, the damaged piece will carefully broken again and fixed with sheet material in the right direction. Once this leg is healed, she will be prepared for the amputation operation of her right front leg, which unfortunately no longer has any function due to the severe deformation and can not be corrected, so that she could start using it. Therefore, it is better for Freebie if this leg is amputated so that she can start moving again without any burden. To be able to carry out these two operations we need an amount of 15000 Lira we are also working hard to ensure that we can get the money together.

Soon we will start the process and we will discuss with the doctor again how and what and when we will start. If you want to make a difference, you can voluntarily contribute to Freebie.