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Cat pension

Hope 4 Paws Cat pension.

To gain the money we need to pay for food, stones and medical bills we have also the possibility to board your cat in our pension. 

The pension has 16 rooms with all their own toilet. In these rooms there is a max of 2 cats from 1 household.

Daily all inside doors are open and all can wander around, stay in their room or go and play in the playroom or in the hallway and even visit the other cats of wanted. 

There is also a possibility to hold cats with a condition or disease. They will stay separated from the other cats. And action will be taken when needed. 

We can take over the attention or recovery period after a surgery or after medical treatment or with medication.

We also offer a place for cats who are waiting for their titer results. And of course we can help you in the proces of getting your beloved furrball ready to travel home. 

disclaimer: the wellbeing and or health of your cat will always be more important than you. In emergencies we will ofcourse inform you asap. We always will do that what is in out power to nurse you’re cat back to health but we can’t make miracles work.

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