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The story of our horses.

In addition to cats, a goat, sheep and sporadically a dog, we also care for some rescue horses. It all started with a call on behalf of a fellow rescue organization in need. This organization could no longer hold it all and the animals were the brunt of this. Fortunately, all the animals got a new place and we were able to accommodate 4 horses. The horses were picked up and taken to a temporary location close to home where they could be well controlled.

Emaciated and hooves like manhole covers, there was still a lot of work ahead. The horses got acquainted with the own horses of the Hendriks family and when a nice new location had been found for the 6 horses and a stable had been built and the rescue horses were stronger, the move could take place. The horses have an amazing place now with unlimited running water and food, good high-quality feed and hay every day and someone nearby 24/7.

Unfortunately, 1 of the horses Korsan has already died. Unfortunately, he broke his leg due to a well-aimed kick from a fellow resident. Now the animals are doing super well, gaining weight, getting used to people and getting stronger and stronger. Unfortunately, we do not know about their past and how they got to the previous shelter and how long they have been there. If the horses have recovered their strength, they are medically fit and it is responsible, these horses will also be adopted (within the region).

Until then, we provide them with nutrition, medical care and, of course, daily care and love.

And if we are looking for sponsors, the base for a horse is about € 125.,- per month not counted the hay because 1 bale of hay cost € 7,50 

Which is a lot of money and that is why it is also possible here to participate in a sponsor family with a lower sponsor amount.

All together