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Gwen is a very sweet and exploring girl. She loves cuddling and butting, but also climbing and doing silly things. This beautiful girl was found along with her sister Lily on the street. Taken to a veterinarian for treatment. This consisted of getting an injection and leaving again. The veterinarian could not keep them and they would soon be back on the street. She also had that bad virus that caused her to lose her eye. The eye she still has doesn’t work anymore but was healthy enough to keep it. She is scanning with this eye but sees max 2% so actually nothing. Gwen may be blind but is fine with her visual impairment and loves to climb. If you don’t know better, you’d say she can just see, but she can’t. She does not know any better and because of this her other senses are many times better developed.

Name: Gwen
Date of birth: 21-1-2021
Gender : Female
Type / color: Mix / spotted tabby
Size: Normal
Health : Good, blind
Character : Very sweet
Country of origin: Turkey

Still in country of origin: Yes
Sterilized: Yes
Chipped : Yes
Outdoor space required: No, indoor or enclosed garden / balcony
Can be used with children: Yes, from 10 year
Can be used with other cats: Yes
Needs other cats to be around : No
Can be used with dogs: Unknown
Adoption fee asked: Yes
Ready for travel: Yes

Our cats are given out in an adequately fitting means of transport. This is paid by the adopter, we pass on the purchase price.
The adopter must write the chip in his or her own name after adoption and adapt the data.
The transfer and flight costs are to be paid by the adopter due to the changing prices of different airlines.